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ValetPRO Fabseal

ValetPRO - New Product release, This photo was to show the fabric protection performance of a fabric sealant. Showing its ability to repel water. ValetPRO’s Fabseal helps repel dirt and helps prevent staining, making future cleaning easier. For product information

RPS Awards Possibilities

I am hoping to do my RPS award so I need to come up with a body of work. This is my starting pointHappy

Product photos.

I have been taking some product shots for ValetPRO and picked some favorites to pop on here.

For a friend

I have included this one as a friend saw my Website and said “What about the light switch?”..So here it is….


What about me!!! Doing what I do lots of which is take photos of my dogs but Dobby decided he didn’t want to be left out of this 5 minutes of fame opportunity.